Our Mission

Who We Serve

We serve the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces. All veterans have made sacrifices to ensure we, as Americans, can live free and enjoy our way of life. These sacrifices often come at great costs to our veterans and we pledge to give back to them in their times of need. Economic uncertainty and unexpected medical bills can be devastating to both veterans returning home and those who have already begun that next chapter. Our goal is to provide mortgage and medical relief to veterans who find themselves in tough situations. All gave some, some gave all; now it’s our turn to give back.

Veteran Relief

Our Director of Veterans Affairs will be responsible for the review, sound justification, and selection of candidates for aid.  Together the Director  and the CEO decide the bill amount or payment length (i.e. pay 3 months of a mortgage) veterans who have applied through our website will receive. In order to ensure our mission and goal are adhered to, Rallye for Vets will only offer direct mortgage (or rent) and medical relief. Rallye for Vets will apply funds directly to the bill; there will be no third-party distribution, or cash payments to those seeking financial relief.  Veterans do not have to live in the Washington Metro Area (WMA) to receive funds nor do they have to be a participant in a rallye.