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Helping Veterans in Need

Rallye for Vets pays direct Medical and Mortgage bills

Our mission

Rallye for Veterans “Rallye for Vets” is a veteran founded, 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization. Our mission is to provide direct medical and/or mortgage (rent) relief funds to veterans. Dually, we will provide unforgettable experiences for service-connected veterans and classic car owners in the process. These experiences aim to foster a comradery and team spirit between the two groups.

The Problem

There are many challenges that veterans face in their transition from the military. Rallye for veterans focuses on two identified main concerns. These issues are homelessness and substantial medical debt.

Homeless Veterans in the U.S. 37000
Veterans with service-connected disabilities 4700000
Homeless Veterans in the U.S.
Homeless Veterans in the U.S.
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Average number of days to complete service-connected claims

There are many challenges that veterans face in their transition from the military. Rallye for veterans focuses on two identified main concerns. These issues are homelessness and substantial medical debt.

There were approximately 37,000 homeless veterans in the United States as of January 2019 according to the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). Government agencies may provide temporary relief programs for those experiencing hard times, but a majority of those programs expect full recoupment in their monetary allotment, have a long lead time, and expect an exorbitant amount of paperwork and historical data. On the upside, veteran homelessness is significantly down, with the VA reporting almost a 50% decrease from just a decade ago. We are confident we can help further reduce that number and we are more than up for the challenge.

Mounting medical bills not covered by state or federal funding leave our veteran population at risk of severe debt. There is a large gap in coverage between the VA and insurance support. For example, veterans who successfully filed a compensation claim through the VA receive coverage for medical expenses, but only if their claimed issues are service-related and officially documented.  Again, veterans run into the problem of filing claims, paperwork, and waiting for approvals.  It can cost time and undue stress. This also fails to account for bills that may affect a veteran’s immediate family members or emergencies.

The bottom line is that the transition from the military to civilian life can be an ongoing challenge and can be one that veterans can struggle with throughout their entire lives. Putting a down payment on a home, a mortgage payment, first and last month’s rent, dealing with unexpected medical bills, or insurance security can be a huge struggle during a time of need and can cause extreme financial hardship. WE want to be there and we want to help.

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What We Do

Our most recognized charitable events are legal road rallyes that partner drivers and navigators on varying driving adventures. Additionally, Rallye for Vets will raise money by hosting charity dinners, galas, and silent auctions throughout the year. Funds will be dispersed to veterans in need regardless of participation in any rallye or other event.

Who We Serve

We serve the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces. All veterans have made sacrifices to ensure we, as Americans, can live free and enjoy our way of life. These sacrifices often come at great costs to our veterans and we pledge to give back to them in their times of need. Economic uncertainty and unexpected medical bills can be devastating to both veterans returning home and those who have already begun that next chapter. Our goal is to provide mortgage and medical relief to veterans who find themselves in tough situations. All gave some, some gave all; now it’s our turn to give back.

Our Director of Veterans Affairs will be responsible for the review, sound justification, and selection of candidates for aid.  Together the Director and the CEO decide the bill amount or payment length (i.e. pay 3 months of a mortgage) veterans who have applied through our website will receive. In order to ensure our mission and goal are adhered to, Rallye for Vets will only offer direct mortgage (or rent) and medical relief. Rallye for Vets will apply funds directly to the bill; there will be no third-party distribution or cash payments to those seeking financial relief.  Veterans do not have to live in the WMA to receive funds nor do they have to be a participant in a rallye. 

Rallye for Vets is unique in that we focus on providing aid to veterans in need, but we raise our funds by providing team driven experiences for the classic car community and service-connected veterans.  

How? How?


Our most recognized charitable events will be legal road rallyes that partner drivers (classic car owners) and navigators (service-connected veterans) on varying driving adventures throughout Northern VA, Maryland, and DC.