What is a Rallye?

A rallye is a legal road event where a driver and navigator team up to complete a driving challenge.

A “Rallye For Veterans” customized rallye event offers drivers a chance to bring their own vehicles and pay an “entrant fee” in the form of a donation.

  • Drivers are either paired with (at random) a service connected disabled veteran as their navigator or may team up with a friend, relative, etc. who meets the disabled veteran criteria. Just include them when filling out the entrant form.
  • Drivers will know the start and end locations and the type of rallye they will be doing (time-based, scavenger hunt, riddle, etc.), but will not know the route. It is up to the navigator to help the driver and to reach their goal.
  • There will be a driver’s brief before each rallye. Each car will get a transponder to ensure accurate timing for start and stop.  After the rallye, the winning team is announced and celebrated.

Each rallye event consists of a rallye briefing (including breakfast), the driving event, gathering at the winner’s circle. Higher ranked donations also include recognition at the driver’s brief, merchandise packages, and a thank you dinner.

Rallye Types:

An exact time is determined by distance, road conditions, and location. The Rallye for Veterans team will determine a “target time” to be matched by rallye teams. The team who achieves the time closest to the target time will be the winner. Departure and arrival times are recorded by the transponders provided in the navigators’ envelope. Our designated time is based on adhering to all posted speed limits. Difficulty Level: Easy

The navigator’s envelope contains a series of clues. The first clue will tell the navigator where to find the first “Rallye For Vets” clue box. Clue boxes will be clearly marked with our logo, and contain the clue needed to find the next box. The final Rallye for Vets clue box will tell you where to find the winner’s circle. The last team to arrive at this checkpoint, probably won’t be eliminated. No, seriously don’t rush. We’ll be waiting. Difficulty Level: Medium

The teams will know the route, but they’ll have to work together to spot and photograph specific items along the way. Use the clues provided in the navigator’s envelope to determine what signs, locations, or objects you need pics of to win. Bring your photographic evidence to the finish line. Each correct pic is worth points and combined with your finishing time. Don’t race and don’t skip scavenger pics!!! Difficulty Level: Hard

Rallye Roles:

Drivers make a donation based on our Driver Ranking system to enter each rallye. This is the life-blood of our charity and ensures we can deliver on our mission. Drivers work with, and listen to their navigators to successfully complete each rallye. Winning isn’t about being the first to arrive. Sometimes it’s about arriving at a certain interval and sometimes it’s about finding all the clues before arriving. You must use your driving skills to manage, adjust, and adapt to each rallye scenario and all road conditions. Speed doesn’t always win.
Become a Driver

There is no success in a rallye without a navigator!!! Navigators receive the Navigator’s envelope upon checking into each rallye. Transponders, maps, clues, instructions, etc. are all in the possession of the navigator. You can apply here, a driver can bring their own, or you can nominate someone. Navigator positions are limited to service-connected disabled veterans and there is no cost to apply/enter.

Become a Navigator

Spectators are so important to the rallye experience. Rallye teams start crossing the finish line around NOON for each rallye.  Join us at the end location to show support for the drivers and navigators as they arrive. Rallye for Vets works with specific venues for their end locations for an excellent finish-line celebration.  Spectators will be able to see the cars, talk to drivers and their veteran navigators, and attend the winners circle announcements.  There will also be food available, complimentary live music, raffles, chances to donate, and other festivities.