Rules and Regs

  1. No RACING!!! This isn’t Gumball or any other high speed race. We are not on a racetrack nor are the roads closed for our events. We’re having fun within the limits of the law. Posted speed limits, local laws, and other regulations apply. 
  2. You may bring your own navigator, but please nominate them. This ensures we maintain an accurate headcount and don’t assign a navigator to an occupied seat. They must meet the navigator requirements, but if you know a vet, what a cool way to spend the day?!
  3. If you’re a service-connected veteran, you know you better than anyone. Please remember, drivers are not able to “retrofit” their vehicles to make any accommodations. We ask that if you sign up to be a navigator, you’re able to ride as a passenger in a standard front seat.
  4. Please don’t cheat. In order to deliver on our mission to serve our vets we created a fun way for car enthusiasts and vets to come together . It’s all for fun, but more importantly it ensures we can help vets pay outstanding medical bills and mortgages.
  5. Remember to have fun.