Manuel W.’s Story

Manuel W. celebrating his birthday

While working outside at his home, 85-year old Korean War Marine veteran, Manuel W. fell and seriously injured himself. He suffered a brain bleed, broken collarbone, broken ribs, and a cracked vertebrae. Manuel owns and operates a barbershop in Georgia, but COVID and these recent injuries put his business and ability to earn in serious jeopardy. His daughter, Nicole, posted in a forum requesting info on how to get veterans, like her dad help. Like many veterans, Manuel refused to take VA benefits even though it was his service to our country, and the sacrifices he made that entitle him to these benefits.

Our CEO, Donnie was scrolling through the before mentioned forum and noticed a thread titled, “85-yr old Marine war vet seriously injured” and wanted to learn more. He read the thread and the horrible situation Manuel and his family were in. He reached out to the author, Nicole, and told her about Rallye For Vets and how we operate. Through the forum and a few posts via Rallye For Vets’ social media, we were able to raise $1,300 in less than 3 days. We agreed to apply all the funds to Manuel’s mortgage to help offset his expenses while he recovers, and while the family decide the next steps.

We couldn’t have done this without the generous donations from our supports, and those that believe in our mission. Thank you all so much! We wish Manuel a speedy recovery, and will post updates as they become available.