Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are The Different Ways I Can Help?

Become a driver: 

We wanted to make a unique experience for car enthusiasts and veterans alike. Becoming a driver means making a donation to our cause and making a big difference in a veteran’s life. It also means you’re now entered into one of our rallyes! It’s you, your car, and the navigator working together to complete the rallye. Oh, and we throw in some pretty cool merchandise packages as well. Rallye participant size is limited so don’t delay.  Check the tires, check the fuel, it’s time to Rallye! Become a Driver here.

Donate Now: 

There are a few options when it comes to donating to Rallye For Vets. Donating is the fastest and simplest of ways. No donation is too small or too big. Every little bit ensures we can continue to deliver on our mission of helping our veterans stay in their homes. Donate Now!

Recurring Donations:

You can make recurring donations. The stability that comes from recurring donations ensures we’re able to sustain our program through periods when one-time donations aren’t as frequent.   

Buy Rallye for Vets Merchandise:

Rallye For Vets shirts, challenge coins, and other swag have received high praise. Our shirts are made, printed, and manufactured right here in Virginia, and they look amazing!


We need volunteers for day-to-day operations, support during rallye events, and with business matters to ensure our sustainable delivery of funding to keep veterans in their homes, and help pay outstanding medical bills. Volunteers are a cornerstone of our success, we cannot do it without YOU! Contact us for more information. 

Corporate Sponsors:

Just like our 1-4 star system for Drivers, we created a 1-4 star system for corporations. The larger the donation amount, the higher your rank and perks that come with supporting our mission. Corporate sponsorship includes, but is not limited to: Exclusive seating at our annual gala, corporate logo displays at rallye events, special access to drivers/navigators, and so much more. If you’re interested in becoming a corporate sponsor contact us today.

How Do I Apply For Medical Bill or Mortgage Relief?

Please fill out our Relief Form. You don’t have to be a service-connected vet or have participated in a rallye to have Rallye For Vets pay medical or mortgage expenses on your behalf.

What is Considered a Classic Car?

An “older” car of significant historical interest; one dated 1979 or older. One that is generally viewed as being worth “saving” or “restoring” rather than discarding.


Are All Rallyes Limited to Classic Cars?

Nope. Rallye for Vets was founded by a guy with a ‘67 Shelby Cobra, but a car enthusiast nonetheless. In order to offer a better experience we have limited the early rallyes, but have every intention of “opening the field”, offering manufacturer specific rallyes, local car club rallyes, a dream car series, etc.

How Long Are Rallye Events?

Rallye Days are going to be about 5 hours. The actual driving of the rallye is just over 1hr, but between registration, introductions, departure of ~40 cars, the winner’s circle, and after rallye events you have plenty of time to tell military stories or car adventures. Remember, after rallye events conclude at a place where you can typically eat, hangout, and have fun. You can leave at any time following your arrival. This could reduce your day to ~3 hours.

What Do The Driver Designations Mean?

Driver designations are directly tied to donation amounts. Drivers register for rallyes by paying a “fee” in the form of a donation. Donation amounts equate to driver “tiers” and the subsequent driver and/or navigator merchandise packages.

To have some fun, we tied the driver tiers to General ranks. 1 – 4 star designations with the 5 star being reserved for the one driver who donates the most to enter the rallye.


What Are Corporate Sponsors vs. Partners?

Corporate Sponsors:

Companies that donate in exchange for advertising and special access at rallyes. Companies also receive ad space on our website and newsletter, as well as recognition on social media. Much like the driver designations, corporate donations are tiered. Become Corporate Donor


Industry partners who have agreed to work with Rallye for Vets whether it be offering services or items to the charity or at a significantly reduced cost. Our partners are those who believe in our mission and want to support us in ways that ensure our events can be successful and meaningful to participants. If you’re interested in partnering with us, please contact us.

Can My Donation Be Matched or Go Further?

Amazon Smile:

By designating Rallye For Veterans as your charity recipient on Amazon Smile, .05% of your total eligible purchases on Amazon Smile are donated to our programs. Choose “RallyeforVets” as your charity of choice and make sure to use AmazonSmile for your future purchases.

Double the Donation:

One of the benefits your employer may offer is matching donations you make to charities. When making a donation on the Rallye for Vets page, you’ll be asked if you’d like to verify your employer. In doing so, Double the Donation only checks to see if your employer offers Double the Donation. If so, they will automatically be notified and match your donation!! Super simple and just one of the cool benefits employers offer through HR.


*These details are still being worked out, but this should be active shortly. For more info email:

Is My Donation Tax Deductible?

You may be entitled to a tax deduction for your contribution, but we advise you consult a tax professional. All circumstances are unique and we cannot offer legal tax advice.

How Is My Donation Going to Be Used?

Great question! Rallye for Vets is dedicated to helping veterans in need pay medical and mortgage expenses. We believe these two expenses can put anyone at risk of losing their home, but especially our veterans. Our goal is to step in and offer direct financial relief to ensure unexpected life events don’t cost our veterans their homes. 

Will You Share or Sell My Information?

Nope. We will not share, sell, or disclose any of your personal information.