Catoctin District Newsletter – Oct. 2020

New Nonprofit Raises Funds For

Veterans’ Medical Bills & Mortgages

I recently got to meet Donnie Peyman, who just founded this new nonprofit that raises money through road rallies to help veterans pay their medical bills and mortgages.

“I basically wanted to pair my love of cars and wanting to give back,” Donnie explained, “because I’ve been very fortunate as a veteran, and I know that there are those who aren’t.”

His concept is to take drivers, who paid an entrance fee or donation to the nonprofit, and team them up with navigators who are also disabled veterans. The funds raised will be used to pay what Donnie calls “M&M”: medical and mortgage. They will take applications from veterans, find out who’s most at risk or in dire need, and make direct payments on their behalf.

Rally for Vets is a brand-new nonprofit, but Donnie plans to grow it into a larger network to help veterans. He’d like to expand it to include a dream cars series, and potentially partner with specific manufacturers, who would put up funds for special events that would feature only their cars. In time, he wants to start chapters in all the major military areas in the US.




From left to right: Delegate Dave LaRock, Donnie Peyman, Desiree Peyman, Supervisor Caleb Kershner.



Delegate Dave LaRock and I got to join these fine folks at their launch event on October 13. They raised $4,100 that evening. Donnie hopes to reach $20,000 in donations by the end of their opening campaign.

This is a great way to give back to our veterans. You can click the button below to visit their donation campaign page. And if you’d like to learn more about Rallye for Vets, you can check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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